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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the names of the characters in Odd Squad?

Main Characters Agent Olive (Dalila Bela) - A young veteran agent of Odd Squad, Olive is adapting to working with and training her new partner, rookie agent Otto. Agent Otto (Filip Geljo) - Olive's partner, and in the opening episode the newest Odd Squad agent.

Who are the characters in the Odd Squad?

Main Characters. Agent Oscar (Sean Michael Kyer) - Odd Squad's resident scientist and gadgeteer, Oscar is a quirky genius who spends most of his time at Odd Squad Headquarters tinkering with gadgets in his lab. Incredibly knowledgeable, Olive and Otto go to him for technical solutions to their problems.

What are PBS Kids?

PBS Kids is the educational children's programming brand of Public Broadcasting System. It started in 1999. Its programming is non-commercial, like all PBS programming. PBS Kids programs are mostly shown in the daytime. These programs are meant for children ages 3–10.

What are all the Odd Squad names?

Odd Squad or The Odd Squad may refer to: The former name of the Coughee Brothaz, a Southern hip-hop group. Odd Squad (film), a 1981 Italian war comedy film. Odd Squad (TV series), an American-Canadian television series. "The Odd Squad" (episode), an episode of The Fairly OddParents.

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