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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of PBS scheduler?

PBS is supported as a job scheduler mechanism by several meta schedulers including Moab by Adaptive Computing Enterprises and GRAM ( Grid Resource Allocation Manager ), a component of the Globus Toolkit . PBS was originally developed for NASA under a contract project that began on June 17, 1991.

What is PBS in computer?

Portable Batch System (or simply PBS) is the name of computer software that performs job scheduling. Its primary task is to allocate computational tasks, i.e., batch jobs, among the available computing resources.

What are the frequently used PBS user commands?

Frequently used PBS user commands: 1 qsub. Submits a job to the PBS queuing system. Please see qsub Options below. 2 qdel. Deletes a PBS job from the queue. 3 qstat. Shows status of PBS batch jobs. 4 xpbs. X interface for PBS users.

How do I monitor a job in PBS?

Monitoring a job Users can monitor jobs in the PBS system using the qstat command. Most commonly, it is used to examine the current load on the system. However, it can also be used to extract detailed information (e.g. wallclock time, cpu time, memory use) about specific jobs in progress.

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