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Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is PBS Kids on Comcast in Connecticut?

CPTV PBS Kids – Channels 967 & 1160. Meriden. Cox (Meriden) CPTV – Channel 5 CPTV HD – Channel 1005 CPTV Spirit – Channel 805 CPTV PBS Kids – Channel 806 (Beginning Feb. 13 2019) Middlebury. Comcast (Waterbury) CPTV – Channel 10 CPTV HD – Channel 1024 CPTV Spirit – Channel 966 CPTV PBS Kids – Channels 967 & 1160. Middlefield . Comcast (Middletown)

What channel is the CPTV channel in CT?

Dish Network (Hartford/New Haven area): CPTV – Channel 24 (SD) CPTV HD – Channel 24 (HD) CPTV Spirit – Channel 6 (SD/HD) DirecTV (Hartford/New Haven area): CPTV – Channel 24 (SD) CPTV HD – Channel 24 (HD) DirecTV (Danbury/Southwestern CT area):

Where can I watch CPTV and PBS?

Some CPTV and PBS programs are available only to members of CPTV. CPTV Passport is an added benefit of station membership. CPTV Passport programs are available to watch on all of the on-demand platforms listed above. Learn more about Passport here. Dish Network (Hartford/New Haven area):

What channel will replace create on PBS?

NOTE TO VIEWERS: We’re making some changes to our channel lineup. PBS KIDS is will replace CREATE on October 1, 2020 . Your CREATE channel favorites will move to SPIRIT. Search for your favorite shows on all three channels here.

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