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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PayPal fraud?

PayPal defines fraud as a material loss due to fraudulent activities. If PayPal catches an unauthorized transaction, fraudulent use of a credit card, or detects fraudulent buyer or seller activity, and fixes it, PayPal does not consider that "fraud.".

How do I report a PayPal fraud?

Keep the PayPal community safe by reporting fake PayPal websites. Copy the address of the website and paste it in to a new email. Send the email to "[email protected]" to report the website to PayPal. The fraud team will check your link and work to take down the fake website.

Is PayPal legit?

For the most part, PayPal is safe when you use it to send money. No system is completely risk-free-glitches and data breaches are likely to happen to any company in the internet age, even the best ones. But PayPal is a reputable company with the highest safety and consumer protection standards in place to keep its users relatively safe online.

Can you use PayPal anonymously?

You Can Use PayPal Account Anonymously. Many of us want to use PayPal as anonymous but don’t know how to do it.There are some easy ways to use PayPal account anonymously. Tips To Follow For Creating Anonymous PayPal Account: First you need to create a Paypal account with your chosen anonymous username.

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