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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you buy PayPal stock?

You can’t buy PayPal stock or any other stock until you take the next step of funding your account! Only then can you start trading stocks and build your retirement portfolio. Once PayPal goes public, you will be able to buy the stock online anytime the market is open.

What is the ticker symbol for PayPal?

PayPal will begin trading on the exchange in the second half of 2015 under the ticker symbol "PYPL," the company announced Thursday. The ticker is the same symbol PayPal used when it traded on the Nasdaq briefly after it went public in 2002.

Will PayPal stock split?

PayPal will continue to be used as eBay’s main payment provider, and nothing is expected to change for customers. Although the split becomes official today, PayPal will not start trading independently on the stock market until next Monday.

What is the stock market symbol?

This is its stock market symbol, or ticker symbol. It serves as a universal identifier as well as a convenient shorthand for noting price movements and transactions. A stock market symbol can be thought of as the equivalent of an element's symbol on the periodic table.

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