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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you log on to PayPal?

Quick Answer. To access the PayPal account login screen, navigate to the official PayPal website and click on Log In to log in with existing PayPal sign-on credentials. Alternatively, create a PayPal account by clicking on Sign Up from the home page of the site, according to PayPal. Creating a PayPal account is free.

How do you activate a MasterCard?

Activate your MasterCard by calling the telephone number on the activation sticker on the card's back or by using your personal identification number at any automatic teller machine, according to Santander Bank.

How do you add money to a PayPal MasterCard?

PayPal takes you to your "Add/Edit Credit Card" page with a notice to confirm that you have successfully added a debit card. Tip. Use the "Add/Edit Credit Card" page to add new debit or credit cards, or edit your existing cards on file. Confirm your bank account to achieve "Verified" status on PayPal, which removes your money transfer limit.

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