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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my PayPal account?

Browse to the PayPal help center if you still can't access your account. You can access the help center by going to the PayPal home page and clicking on "Help" near the top of the page. You can browse to "My Account" and find useful information about locked passwords, account verification and how to claim ownership for an account.

How to transfer money to PayPal?

To transfer money to PayPal: Go to and click Log In. Provide your PayPal email address and password, and click Sign In again. Scroll down to your “PayPal Balance” and click Add Money.

How do I pay my PayPal MasterCard online?

Here’s how to make an online payment: Log in to your PayPal account. Click Make a Payment in the PayPal Extras MasterCard section. Select a payment method (PayPal balance or bank account). Enter your payment amount (cannot exceed total balance due). Select your payment date (cannot be more than 30 days from the current date). Click Review Payment.

How do I receive money through PayPal?

Accept payments through e-mail. The most basic way to accept payment through PayPal is to create a personal account on the PayPal website. Creating a personal account allows you to link an e-mail to the PayPal service that can be used to accept money as well as pay money for items and services.

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