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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PayPal safer than credit card?

ASA says PayPal is just as secure as using a credit card online - but it can still say it's safer. PayPal has won the right to call its online payment service "safer" than the alternatives - despite the advertising industry watchdog saying it was no more secure than other methods.

Which stores use Synchrony Bank?

Synchrony Bank is a major issuer of retail and co-branded credit cards, including big names like Amazon, PayPal, and Lowe's. It also issues specific credit cards to be used across a variety of healthcare services, auto shops, and home furnishing stores.

What stores take synchrony home credit card?

Some retailers that accept the CarCareONE credit card are ExxonMobil, Tuffy Auto Service Center, Precision Tune Auto Care, Texaco and Meineke, according to Synchrony Financial. Other retailers include Chevron, Pep Boys and Continental Tire.

How do I get Free Money on my PayPal account?

Join a website named SurveySpot. At SurveySpot you can earn free paypal money by taking simple online surveys. The sign up for the website is very simple and the rewards available are endless. Only take surveys that have a point value.

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