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Frequently Asked Questions

How to color PAW Patrol?

ow To Color paw patrol Game is an app guide that with this creative coloring game, you can teach your preschool child to recognize colors, name them and fill them in the paw patrol coloring pages. With cute pictures of paw patrol; it would be fun to color paw patrol coloring page. Work with your little girls and boys, take some time out and tell them how to choose colors and fill color to paw patrol images within the lines. Teach your preschool kid how to use their creativity in coloring paw ...

What color are the PAW Patrol characters?

What color are the paw patrol characters? red. Pantone: PMS 7626 C (Nearest Match) blue. Pantone: PMS 2925 C (Nearest Match) yellow. Pantone: PMS 107 C (Nearest Match) silver. Pantone: PMS 7542 C (Nearest Match) white. CHASE. Pantone: PMS 534 C (Nearest Match) RUBBLE. Pantone: PMS 611 C (Nearest Match) ROCKY. Click to see full answer.

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