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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Paulo Costa become the UFC champion?

Early in Paulo Costa's career, the Brazilian knew he could become champion one day. Watch the full UFC 253 Press Conference with UFC President Dana White, Israel Adesanya, Paulo Costa, Dominick Reyes and Jan Blachowicz. Before he gets his first shot at the UFC middleweight title, check out Paulo Costa's best finishes so far.

What happened to Costa’s bicep?

Costa’s injury report marks the second time he’s cited his left bicep as a major hindrance. In October 2019, he underwent corrective surgery to repair the muscle; he said afterward he had been fighting with the injury since 2018.

What did Paulo Costa say about Israel Adesanya after his win?

Defeated UFC middleweight title challenger Paulo Costa has sworn revenge against Israel Adesanya after seeing footage of his rival 'air-humping' him in the cage and taunting his coach immediately after his win.

Why did Diego Costa come in higher weight than usual?

“I came in a little bit higher [in] weight because I needed to stop some weeks of training,” said Costa, who clarified the injury was to his left bicep at the post-fight press conference for Saturday’s event in Las Vegas.

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