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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Pauley Perrette afraid of Mark Harmon?

Why is Pauley Perrette afraid of Mark Harmon? Perrette’s feud with Harmon reportedly stems from an incident on the set of NCIS. Harmon allegedly brought a dog to work and the pet bit a crew member. The victim was attacked on the face and the wound required stitched to heal.

Does Pauley Perrette really have tattoos?

Yes, Abby (Pauley Perrette) does have real tattoos, including a flower in the middle of her back and a stick figure to its right. Many on the show are makeup.

Why is Pauley Perrette leaving NCIS?

In 2018, actress and long-time NCIS star Pauley Perrette left the show and later cited concerns about violence from her former co-star Mark Harmon. Perrette had been on the show for a total of 15 seasons, but she had not appeared in a scene with Harmon since sometime in 2016.

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