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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul mean?

Well done nice animated dance pop hit video. Paula's 1989 hit "Opposites Attract" is an upbeat and catchy song that tells how love is different with people loving when their likes and choices are poplar opposites. And most can relate to that as we all know many couples that are so different yet stay together.

Who are the actors in Opposites Attract?

Paula Abdul: Opposites Attract: Directed by Michael Patterson, Candace Reckinger. With Paula Abdul, Derrick 'Delite' Stevens.

What did Paula Abdul do in Touched by evil?

That year, Abdul appeared in the ABC television film Touched By Evil, playing a businesswoman who discovers that her boyfriend is a serial rapist. In 1998, she released a second workout video called Cardio Dance (re-released on DVD in 2000).

Why are Paula Abdul's TV interviews so loopy?

"Paula Abdul's loopy TV interviews blamed on exhaustion, insomnia, the flu, audio problems". Reality Blurred. Archived from the original on December 3, 2013.

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