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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Paul Tudor Jones?

Born on the 28 th of September, 1954 in Memphis, Tennessee, Paul Tudor Jones is an American billionaire who got his career jumpstart at his dad’s small business paper — the Memphis Daily News — where he wrote for under the pseudonym Paul Eagle in high school and college.

What are Paul Tudor Jones trading rules that led to success?

With such legendary track record, it pays to find out what are Paul Tudor Jones trading rules that brought him much success. 1. When you are trading size, you have to get out when the market lets you out, not when you want to get out. The old high was at 56.80, there are probably going to be a lot of buy stops at 56.85.

Can Paul Tudor Jones do what many thought impossible?

But not for Paul Tudor Jones… That same month, he made an incredible return of 62 percent. More importantly, he’s done what many thought was impossible… …combining five consecutive, triple digit return years, with low equity retracements.

How does Paul Tudor Jones determine the market trend?

Paul Tudor Jones determines the market trend by looking at the 200-day moving average of closing prices. According to Paul when you use the 200-day moving average as an indicator for when to really get out of your position you’ll never be going against the main long term trend.

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