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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Paul Tudor Jones?

One of the most successful investors in the world, Paul Tudor Jones II launched his firm called Tudor Investments Corp almost four decades ago. Paul Tudor Jones became widely famous after he predicted the October 19, 1987 stock market crash known as Black Monday.

What is Paul Tudor Jones'hedge fund?

Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones runs a $7 billion hedge fund, called Tudor Investment Corp. The fund has been fighting for years to bring the profits to its investors, and the current year is bringing a......

Who is the founder of the Tudor Group?

About Us Our Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Paul Tudor Jones II, is one of the pioneers of the modern-day hedge fund industry. Paul began his career in the cotton pits before forming the Tudor Group in 1980. Paul was eager to create a firm differentiated by a steadfast dedication to client objectives and guided by strong ethics and values.

How much money does Tudor Investment Corp have under management?

At the end of December 2016, the fund, together with its relying advisers, held $39.66 billion in regulatory assets under management. Tudor Investment Corp is known for a vast professional experience and expertise in discretionary macro trading.

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