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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Paul Stanley of Kiss?

Paul Stanley is starting over ... he's demolishing his mansion in Bev Hills to make way for a brand new home, so he had an estate sale to get rid of EVERYTHING inside. Paul unloaded tons of KISS merchandise ... the collectibles were displayed in his master bedroom.

Does Paul Stanley always wear makeup?

This is why even as a rock star, Paul Stanley should always maintain his image. Before on his KISS performance, he always has makeup on, but after the makeup era has ended her surely gets some self cautious about his appearance.

Is Paul Stanley still married to his first wife?

Pamela Bowen (1992-2001) – Paul Stanley was previously married to his first wife, Pamela Bowen, for 9 long years until the actress decided to file for divorce in 2001. The former beaus have one son together named Evan Shane Stanley who was born on June 6, 1994.

What is Paul Stanley’s net worth?

Image: Co-Lead Vocalist of Kiss Band, Paul Stanley, has a net worth of $200 Million. Paul Stanley has a net worth of $200 Million which is similar to Carl Paladino. Paul has accumulated most of his net worth through his singing career with the famous band, Kiss.

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