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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paul Rudd’s Best Animation?

As by far the best and loveliest animation Rudd has lent his voice to – although the outrageously rude Sausage Party must get a special mention – it seemed only right to include the life-affirming The Little Prince in his top ten, even if it does have a very different feel to the rest of the films.

When did Paul Rudd start working with Judd Apatow?

If Anchorman was where Rudd first worked with Judd Apatow, then their second outing, in 2005, marks the point when their long-term collaborative relationship really took off, establishing Rudd as a big comedy player up there with the likes of Will Ferrell, Steve Carell and Seth Rogen.

Who is Paul Rudd in the fate of the Furious?

Based on the comic of the same name and directed by Peyton Reed, the 12th instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sees Rudd play Scott Lang, a loveable loser – surprise, surprise – turned superhero who can shrink himself to minuscule proportions thanks to a cutting-edge shrinking suit.

Is Paul Rudd’s ‘Hot American summer’ really that bad?

Admittedly, quite a few of his films are awful (he’s done his fair share of crappy rom-coms over the years), but Rudd’s charm and charisma keeps most of them in the “so bad, they’re good” camp ( Hot American Summer, we’re looking at you).

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