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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Paul Robeson do for the black community?

Robeson was only the third black person to attend Rutgers University, the state university of New Jersey. Robeson was the first black person to play football for Rutgers University. In 1942, said he wouldn't make any more films until there were better roles for blacks.

What happened to Paul Robeson's wife?

His poet/wife Eslanda Robeson died of cancer two years later. Paul remained in poor health for pretty much the rest of his life. His last years were spent in Harlem in near-total isolation, denying all interviews and public correspondence, although he was honored for speaking out against apartheid in South Africa in 1978.

What was Paul Robeson's personality like as a clergyman?

Although Robeson played a scurrilous, corrupt clergyman who takes advantage of his own people, his dynamic personality managed to shine through. Radio and recordings helped spread his name across foreign waters.

Why was Paul Robeson banned from making movies in the US?

In addition, Robeson was blacklisted for his political beliefs in 1950, and as a result, was not able to make any films in the U.S., or have any of his films shown in the U.S. at that time.

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