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Frequently Asked Questions

What colors go with Revere pewter?

Revere Pewter ~ Favorite Color Palette Tranquility AF-490 A great complementary color for Revere Pewter either as an accent wall or in an adjoining room. White Dove OC-17 Our most popular trim color, White Dove contrasts nicely with almost any wall color. Pashmina AF-100 A little darker than Revere Pewter, it would be nice for an accent wall or an adjoining room. More items...

What color compliments Revere pewter?

Any pewter gray wall color will be greatly affected by the room's lighting and surrounding colors. For example, Revere Pewter paired with creamy white trim, brown or red-toned wood or warm colors of beige, gold, yellow, brown, red or orange appears as a warm gray with brown undertones.

What was Paul Revere a member of?

Paul Revere (January 1, 1735 - May 10, 1818) was an early United States Patriot and a leader of the American Revolution. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts and worked there as a silversmith. He was married twice and became the father of 16 children. Revere was a member of a group called The Sons of Liberty.

Where is Paul Revere in Boston?

The Paul Revere House (1680) was the colonial home of American patriot Paul Revere during the time of the American Revolution. A National Historic Landmark, it is located at 19 North Square, Boston, Massachusetts, in the city's North End, and is now operated as a nonprofit museum by the Paul Revere Memorial Association.

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