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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Paul Newman learn to stay awake without alcohol?

Remember “The Hustler”, where Paul Newman played a small-time pool player? He learned to keep awake and alert by splashing his face with cold water rather than drinking alcohol.

Can ice water really de-puff your face?

On any average day, it takes a couple of hours for my face to de-puff. But with all those ice water praises, my hypothesis was that a cold splash of water could de-puff my face in no time, while also making my pores look smaller, give me a natural glow, and tighten my skin. Oh, and wake me up. But let's be real, that one's a little obvious.

What does an Ice Cube facial look like?

Into The Gloss sang the same praises, stating that a facial via an ice cube is " Like lacing up a corset on your face — constriction, tightness, and slight tingling is what this is about." On any average day, it takes a couple of hours for my face to de-puff.

How do you feel after an ice water facial?

I dried my face with a towel, and went about my day as usual after that. Immediately after doing the ice water facial, my skin felt really nice. It was smooth, it felt tight, and I did actually feel and look more awake than I usually do with my typical morning routine of a quick cleanse with warm water.

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