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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Newman’s own cat food made by Paul Newman?

The Newman’s Own brand of cat food is produced and manufactured by the Newman’s Own Company which was founded in 1982. The branch of the company that produces pet foods is called Newman’s Own Organics and it was founded in 1993 by Paul Newman’s daughter.

Is Newman’s own pet food organic and safe?

Because many of the ingredients used in Newman’s Own pet foods are organic, you can rest assured that they are free from artificial and chemical additives such as preservatives, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and more.

How much Newman’s own pet food should I Feed my Cat?

The website also states that kittens should be fed up to twice the amount of adult cats and pregnant or lactating females should be fed up to three times the normal amount. When feeding your cat Newman’s Own pet food, you should monitor your cat’s weight and condition for a few weeks while feeding him a steady amount.

What are Newman’s Own Organics wet foods?

The Newman’s Own Organics wet foods feature organic beef, organic chicken, organic turkey, and organic liver as well as other organic ingredients. What set the organic recipes apart from the standard recipes is the fact that they are made with organic ingredients and several of them contain 95% meat ingredients.

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