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How did Paul Bettany lose weight to play Michael in Legion?

Paul Bettany calls himself a 'beer and bread man' who didn't exactly have the kind of body he needed to portray Michael, the chiselled archangel who tries to save humanity in Legion. The 6'3", 38-year-old Brit began his transformation by cutting his food intake to small lean meals, such as chicken and steamed vegetables, every four hours.

How did Paul Bettany get his abs in the matrix 2?

Because Bettany 's abs were going to be on show a lot during the movie, each workout began with several core exercises, then moved on to a three-round circuit. 'The idea was to blast his body to get a lean, ripped look. His heart rate was elevated throughout the workout, he was never sitting around.'

What is the relationship between Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany?

Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen (Lizzie, as Bettany calls her) have had great chemistry on and off-screen since they first signed on to the MCU . They figured out they have the same work ethic and formed this bond of trust in playing these loveable characters.

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