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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I offer my patrons on Patreon?

Whatever you write, here are some great benefits you can offer your patrons on Patreon: No need to nag your friends to read over your rough drafts! You can share these directly with your patrons. As your most loyal fans, they're probably aching at the chance to help make your work even more amazing.

How can I add audio to my Patreon posts?

Here are a few suggestions: With Patreon, you can attach downloadable mp3s directly to your posts, making it super simple to offer these audio gems as items. If you directly upload your audio files to your audio post (meaning not as a link), your patrons will automatically be able to download audio posts that you post at their tiers.

What are the benefits of Patreon for vloggers and filmmakers?

You want to give your patrons clever benefits that give you more time to create the content that they love. Here are common benefits offered by vloggers and filmmakers on Patreon. Ads can be invasive and annoying. Show your patrons you care by removing ads from your videos.

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