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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for PCHC's eHealth patient portal?

Sign up for PCHC’s eHealth Patient Portal: Simply call your provider’s office or 207-404-8000 and ask to sign up! At your next appointment, tell the front desk staff that you would like to sign up for our eHealth Patient Portal. You can also call 992-9200 and sign up over the phone.

How do I login to the patient portal as a patient?

If you have already been enrolled in the Patient Portal while a patient at PCH, click here to login to the Patient Portal. If you were not previously enrolled in the Patient Portal while a patient at PCH and would like to self-enroll, click here to login to the Patient Portal. Your e-mail address must already be on file for you to self-enroll.

What is the eHealth patient portal?

Our eHealth Patient Portal makes it easy to access your health care, whenever you need it, and wherever you are! Simply log in to this secure website on your computer or mobile device.

Why choose PCHC for your primary care?

To begin, choose PCHC as your primary care provider for whatever stage of life you and your loved ones are in. Best of all, our integrated care model means we have the services and specialists to take care of you from head to toe at our network of offices including: We’re excited to begin the rollout of our online self-scheduling tool.

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