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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are goals of pasteurization?

The main goal of pasteurization is to kill lactic acid bacteria (which make milk go sour) so as to extend milk shelf life. However, raw (unpasteurized milk) may contain also pathogenic bacteria, specifically Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and these are also killed by the process.

What are the steps in pasteurization?

There are 11 major steps that milk must go through to complete the HTST pasteurization process. In the order which they occur, they are: Constant level holding tank, booster pump, regenerator, timing pump, homogenizer, heater, holding tube, flow diversion device, regenerator, cooler, and vacuum breaker.

What is the process of pasteurization and its purpose?

Pasteurisation is a process of heating substances up to 60-90 °C for the purpose of killing harmful organisms such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa, moulds and yeasts. The process was named after its inventor, French scientist Louis Pasteur.

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