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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose pastel & green?

This reduces waste and with Pastel & Green it can be pretty! Our kits are beautiful to the eye and kind to the planet. It contains reusable plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, jugs, serving platters, cake stand and bunting - everything needed for a beautiful party! The kit is returned to be used again and again, meaning there is zero waste.

How do you decorate a pastel Easter cake with buttercream?

Swirl the buttercream on the surface of the cake to create a marbled pattern. You can keep the swirls, or use a spatula to make the surface smooth if you prefer. Decorating the pastel Easter cake – I used green buttercream to create grass patches on the cake (with Wilton tip #234, but you can use #233 as well).

What is a colored vanilla cake?

It’s a vanilla cake that’s been colored with pastel colors (usually a combination of pink, yellow and/or green), and the batter is either swirled together OR layered on top of each other for a layer cake. Traditionally it’s frosted with plain vanilla frosting, but you can color the buttercream frosting as well.

How do you color a cake with frosting?

After a thin layer of frosting, you can cover the cake with colorful funfetti. Water color buttercream – after a base color of frosting, you can dot the sides with more pastel colored frosting and smooth it all out for a water color effect. You can see this effect in this vanilla chai easter cake that I made here.

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