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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between pastel green and pastel blue?

Blue markings are replaced by extremely pale Blue-grey or White. White-breasted Pastel Green birds display purer Yellow than Purple-breasted Pastel Green birds, similar to the Australian Yellow (see below). Blue markings become pale Blue or Blue-grey in SF, and White in DF.

What is an emerald green parrotlet?

Green is the wild-type form of the Parrotlet. Males and Females are both a vibrant emerald green with blue spectacles (the line you see behind the eye). Males have a richly colored cobalt rump and cobalt colored primary and secondary flight feathers and under-coverts.

What kind of bird has two white bars on its tail?

Wings are blue-gray with two white bars. Tail is noticeably short. Northern Waterthrush: Large, ground-walking warbler with dark brown upperparts and white to pale yellow underparts with dark, heavy streaks. Eyebrows are thick and vary from pale yellow to white.

Is the pink-necked green-pigeon a real bird?

After a day filled with questions and not a small amount of fawning, another Twitter user, Rosemary Mosco, stepped in to explain: Yes, it is a real bird; this is not a curry situation. It is called a pink-necked green-pigeon, scientific name Treron vernans, and it is native to south-east Asia.

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