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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find your nearest US passport office?

Finding a US passport acceptance facility is as simple as filling out an online search box, using your ZIP code or city and state. The Department of State has created an online Passport Acceptance Facility Search Pag e to help you locate your closest passport office.

What happens at a passport office?

A passport office is a government office that accepts and processes passport applications. The process differs slightly between countries, but in general the rules and how they are applied are the same. In a passport office the application, identification and fees are accepted, and then everything is later verified.

Where is the passport office located?

In many cities, the passport office is located in a government building, such as a post office or a library.

Can I get my passport at the post office?

To ensure speedy processing of your passport application, you can request expedited service at the post office where you apply. While there is an additional fee of $60, it will decrease processing time to only 2-3 weeks.

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