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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Passionists?

The Passionists, a family of priests, brothers and laity, reach out with compassion to the crucified of today. We keep alive the memory of Christ’s passion through our commitment to community, prayer, ministries of the Word, and service to those who suffer. We welcome all who seek renewed life through the power...

What does a Passionist priest talk like?

There’s a “Passionist” priest speaking. He talks like a regular guy. Unfamiliar with Passionists, the man pulls up their website on his phone. He is struck by their agency and the provocative idea behind their mission. He never thought about the poor as crucified like Jesus, but he can feel its raw truth in his heart.

Are there any saints of the Passionist faith?

Saint Maria Goretti, who is also considered a Passionist saint due to her Passionist spiritual directors and those who instructed her in the faith. In addition, the causes for the canonisation of Father Carl Schmitz, Father Ignatius Spencer, Father Theodore Foley and Elizabeth Prout have been opened.

Where do Passionists go for retreat?

The Passionists hold many retreat and conference centers around the world. Unlike the La Sallians or the Gabrielites, Passionists do not usually open schools and universities, except seminaries for their own students wishing to become brothers and priests.

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