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What is part of the urinary system temporarily stores urine?

stores urine until the body expels the fluid from the body. urethra. ... 3. urine empties into the bladder and is temporarily stored ... make up the urinary system/renal system. ureters, bladder, urethra. the urinary tract consists of. nephron. functional unit of the kidney.

What part of the urinary system stores urine?

Urine is stored in your bladder. The bladder is the common name for the urinary bladder. It is a hollow muscular organ that stores urine before expelling it from the body. The emptying of the urinary bladder is voluntarily controlled in most human beings and many other mammals. The bladder is located just behind the pubis, which is one of the ...

What is upper and lower urinary tract?

Together, the two kidneys and two ureters make up the upper urinary tract. The lower urinary tract contains the bladder and the urethra. Men and women have the same upper urinary tract, but their lower urinary tracts are different. Figure 1. Comparison of male and female urinary systems.

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