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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy seeds from Park Seed?

Seeds and vegetable plants purchased from Park Seed provides you with the highest quality. Shopping for vegetable seeds online isn’t just for gardeners with large plots, either.

Where can I buy flower seeds online?

Here at Park Seed, we offer a huge selection of flower seeds for sale online. Sow the flower seeds directly into the soil or start them indoors to enjoy the flowers even sooner.

How to get Park Seed end of Spring Plant Sale?

Offer's Details: Access using this online discount and be one of the few to enjoy Up to 60% Off Over 50 Plants on End of Spring Plant Sale. Get it before anyone else! No Park Seed promo code is required. Consider merchant website for extra info.

Where can I find the best seeds for my Garden?

The best seed selections for your garden! Since 1868, Park Seed has offered the best annual seeds, perennial seeds, and vegetable seeds for American gardens, including the famous Park's Whoppers™ Tomato. Park is home to the most interesting and economical seeds for American gardens.

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