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Frequently Asked Questions

What is paperpapercut?

Papercut is a contracted service to provide printing accounting/management services on behalf of a department. Does not support sensitive data. Scheduled as needed depending on type of maintenance. University is officially closed, off peak hours, sometimes maintenance is done without any impact to users.

How do I print with Papercut?

Log in to the PaperCut web application Undergraduate students must have Illini Cash to print . Choose the printer. For grayscale prints, select a printer ending in bw; for color, color. Select Print Options and Account Selection » undergraduates must have Illini Cash.

How do I print using the cites Papercut iOS application?

Launch the "CITES PaperCut" iOS application. Authenticate with your NetID and password. Wait for your print job to appear at the print release station, then release your print job at the print release station. Both of the Uni High computer labs are equipped with monochrome and color laser printers.

Can I print with more advanced printing options in Papercut?

Unfortunately, PaperCut does not support more advanced printing options. If you would like to adjust printer settings for your print job, you can do so by using a lab computer and adjusting the appropriate printer from there.

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