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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of papercut by Kevin James?

‘Papercut’ is track eleven on Kevin’s sophomore album “American Boyfriend”, the lyrics speak about his sexuality and relationship struggles that prevail through the album. On…

How do you identify the singer in the song “Papercut”?

Use Bold and Italics only to distinguish between different singers in the same verse. “Papercut” is the first song off Linkin Park ’s first album, Hybrid Theory.

How do you write a poem about a paper cut?

Our words will tear through the surface. Like a paper, like a papercut. Right now I don't know why I love you. But by the morning when we wake up. I'll reach for you and remember. It was just a paper, just a papercut. Just a paper, just a papercut. Just a paper, just a papercut. Just a paper, just a papercut.

What is the meaning of the song Papercut by Troye Sivan?

It features ascending YouTube star Troye Sivan (check out his YouTube channel ). Even though people in a relationship can harm each other so much through arguing, they can eventually make up after the fact. The song compares this reality to a papercut: the pain is immediate but ultimately inconsequential.

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