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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Papercut work?

PaperCut works by "watching" the print jobs as they pass through your print/file server (be it Windows, Mac, Novell or Linux). You don't need any special print drivers or setup. PaperCut works by directly analyzing the Postscript, PCL or other print data as it's being sent to the device.

What's new at Papercut hive?

PaperCut Hive's Here! 6th April 2021 Powerfully simple cloud-native serverless printing launches Google Cloud Print alternative 12th November 2020 Cloud Print available on Chromebooks & Windows - print anywhere, over the internet Printing should be waste-free, easy, and secure… DO YOU FIND PRINTING HARD?

How long does it take to set up Papercut ng?

At its simplest form, PaperCut NG can be installed and set up in minutes and you can immediately start benefiting from reporting and basic print quotas or rules. How exactly does PaperCut track and control my printing?

What can Papercut ng do for You?

Block printing based on page or dollar amounts, or implement requests for extended access. Get full print visibility that unlocks in-depth insights and stats — even how many trees you’ve saved. PaperCut NG fits in with your print environment, not the other way around.

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