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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bread does Panera sell?

Panera Bread is a sit-down restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of freshly made sandwiches on your choice of bread, accompanied by soup or salad. Panera also sells fresh pastries, bagels and loaves of bread.

What is the story behind Panera Bread?

What every grocery manager can learn from Panera Bread. That’s exactly what Freson Bros. in Stony Plain, Alta., is doing with its Mountain Park Bread. The bread is named after the hardworking people of the mining town with the same name, which also happens to be the hometown of Freson Bros.’ founder, Frank Lovsin. The story behind the bread is featured in signs around the store and in flyers.

Does Panera Bread offer military discount?

Panera Bread offers Active Duty Military, Reserves and Veterans a 65% discount in uniform and 10% out of uniform.

What time does Panera Bread usually open?

Panera Bread opening and closing hours vary from location to location. The majority of Panera Bread cafes open at 6 AM and close at 9 PM from Monday through Thursday. On Friday and Saturday evenings most Panera Bread location close one hour later, at 10 PM.

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