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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up Pandora Radio?

Click "Create a New Station" on the Pandora home page. The service will prompt you to enter an artist, song or composer name to create a station. Depending on what you choose, the service will play music related to your selection.

How do you get Pandora Radio?

How to Use Pandora Radio Enter an artist in the search box; Pandora will automatically create a station based on this artist. Click on the “thumbs-up” to tell Pandora you like a certain track. When you click on “Add Variety,” you can add other artists to your radio station. Click “Shuffle” to get a quick mix of your stations.

Does Pandora Radio need Internet to work?

Pandora's streaming services require an active network connection -- it's true on the computer and it's true on mobile devices. The iPod Touch, unlike other mobile devices from Apple, offers only Wi-Fi for network connections. To use Pandora, Wi-Fi must be active.

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