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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Pandora Radio cost?

The $4.99/month Pandora Plus subscription is essentially an ad-free version of Pandora's automated radio stations.

Does Pandora really want to own radio stations?

The main reason Pandora wanted to own the station was to skirt around the ASCAP fees by saying it should be charged the same fees as radio stations - not a pure-play streaming company - now that it was a broadcaster. That did not work out. The Oxenford letter says Pandora is "reevaluating its broadcast strategy."

Can I listen to regular radio on Pandora?

It looks like Pandora is purely music so you wont be able to listen to talk radio, sports or things like CNBC or CNN. One clear advantage for Pandora is the fact that it is customized to your musically tastes. HD or Satellite do not have the ability to do that (yet!). Check it out when you get a chance.

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