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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you order at Panda Express?

How to place an order. At Panda Express, you'll find plates of Chinese food for appetites of all sizes. Order one of the Panda Favorites for delivery, like broccoli beef with chow mein or kung pao chicken with fried rice. Don't forget the appetizers, like egg rolls and chicken potstickers. If you want lighter fare that's packed with savory flavor,...

Does Panda Express have sushi?

Panda Express is serving sushi at 16 U.S. locations, including Houston, Chicago and Las Vegas. "They make their sushi fresh every day; replenish every two hours and display in a refrigerated shelf/compartment," said Liz Miller, Panda Express spokesperson.

Does Panda Express have a buffet?

"They have a buffet option!!" Review of Panda Express - CLOSED. They have a buffet option!! Delicious food, as with any Panda Express!

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