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Frequently Asked Questions

What is palacechat 4?

And meet new people everyday. For the old 'The Palace' users, PalaceChat 4 is the new software fully compatible with 'The Palace' server, Capable of higher quality and amazing new content and more to come.

How do I back up my palace server?

Click on your browser's "Back" button Click on the link labeled "Backup pserver.prp" Once the backup is complete, you will be given the option to restart your palace server Your pserver will be started immediately Installing the pserver registration code To install your registration code on our Unix computer, proceed with the following step:

Why can't I wizard or God up on my palace server?

If you do not bless yourself and you log off the palace server, you will not be able to Wizard or God up. Listing - the command 'gatekeeper list tells you who is currently blessed, listed by name and regkey

What do I need to list my palace on access?

We only need a couple of things if you wish to be listed on our web site and palace server. A graphic to represent your palace. It needs to be 108x88 pixels, in gif format and have the palace palette applied to it. The name of your palace Your palace address including port number. Mail the above graphic and info to [email protected]

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