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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of paint should I use for kitchen cabinets?

A dark gray paint color can work well with just about any kitchen design. For the modern look, pair the gray cabinet colors with lighter tones throughout. The white countertop along with a matching sink seems to capture natural light even better thanks to the contrast provided by the dark gray cabinets.

What are some painting kitchen cabinet ideas?

For a more farmhouse style, consider white matte kitchen cabinet paint colors. The white is bold, loud, and attention-grabbing. Plus, it pairs well with darker hardware and fixtures, leaving you with cabinets that have an attractive bit of contrast going on. This is great too against a darker or simply black countertop.

How do you prep kitchen cabinets for painting?

To finish prepping the cabinet surfaces, remove any lingering dust, dirt, or grease. Use TSP or white vinegar to wipe down cabinet doors and frames and allow them to dry fully before moving on to paint. You’ll need an area set up for painting your kitchen cabinet doors.

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