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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best color for an accent wall?

Starting points to be consideredLightning. It influences the way the gray walls appear and points out the direction you have to go when it comes to the accent wall. ...The shade of gray. Based on the particular shade of gray, which has its undertones, you can decide the color that would go best for an accent wall. ...Room style. ...

What are the rules for painting an accent wall?

Paint in even strokes. ...Buy new wall art or plants to complement your new accented wall. ...Wear some old clothes that are comfortable and allow you to move around and stretch. ...Ask your home improvement store which color would complement the standard color already in your home. ...

Which wall is right for an accent wall?

Solid walls without openings, such as windows and doors, are ideal for accent walls. You may not want to accent a wall that has large, open windows that overlook beautiful scenery, as the accent color may distract rather than accentuate.

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