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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a realistico texture pack for Minecraft PE?

The Realistico texture pack is exclusive for the Minecraft Java Edition, which is why there are currently no download links for Minecraft PE, Bedrock Edition, and MCPE. Until now, there are only illegal ports, but they don’t even come close to the original.

Why should I use a realistic texture pack?

Realistic texture packs transform Minecraft into a realistic design and make the game look more realistic. As a result, the blocks and items look much more lifelike. What is the difference between a classic pack and a realistic pack?

Is there a free texture pack?

This is no reason for you to be worried, because every realistic texture pack has at least one free version and most of them are completely free. At first, it may sound incomprehensible to you when a creator charges money for a mod or resource pack, but you should respect this decision.

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