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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best texture pack for Minecraft?

Carmesim PVP Texture Pack Para Minecraft 1.14. RKY Blue Fade Texture Pack Para Minecraft 1.8.9. Rose Quartz 256x PvP Texture Pack Para Minecraft 1.14.4. Brobi V2 PvP Texture Pack Para Minecraft 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.X. Garnet Texture Pack Para Minecraft 1.8.X.

What is the best PvP texture pack for bedwars?

Created by the popular Minecraft Bedwars YouTuber known as "NotNico", this PvP pack is surely one of the best 1.8 PvP texture packs specifically suited for use on Minecraft Bedwars servers. There are a plethora of different optimizations built into this pack that help players perform in Bedwars to the top of their ability.

What is the sapphire blue texture pack?

This specific pack was designed for PvP in Minecraft version 1.8 and features a highly unique sapphire blue esthetic that is matched by few other PvP packs. Pretty much every item, block, and GUI menu was custom made for this texture pack, which is an outstanding feat to say the least.

What is the best Minecraft PvP expansion pack?

The New Default+ PvP expansion pack for Minecraft: Java Edition & Bedrock Edition; made by... This resourcepack adds five awesome 3D Lightsabers to your Game (Also perfect for PvP!). The... An Amazing 32x PvP Pack with Smooth Textures! Elegant 8x PVP Pack, FPS Boost & Beautiful. Fiizy PVP Pack! Fiizy! Short fire for all of the pvp players!

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