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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the p2646 Honda code?

The P2646 Honda code definition is: P2646: VTEC Oil Pressure Switch Circuit Low Voltage. Honda has issued a service bulletin #13-021 to address the problem on the vehicles listed below. The vehicle may also have other trouble codes like: P2646/P2651 (rocker arm oil pressure switch circuit low voltage).

Why is my VTEC oil pressure code p2646?

If you’ve replaced the VTEC oil pressure switch and still have code P2646 at RPMs in the 2500-400 range, you’ve got a low oil pressure issue, dirty oil, clogged VTEC screen or a problem with the VTEC assembly. In that case, make sure the oil filter is new to ensure the pressure isn’t restricted or in bypass mode.

What does the OBD code p2646 mean on a Dodge Ram?

What the P2646 code means. P2646 is an OBD-II generic code for the engine control module (ECM) detecting the 'A' rocker arm actuator control circuit for bank 1 has a performance problem or is stuck in the off position.

What repairs can fix the p2646 code?

What repairs can fix the P2646 code? 1 Replacing the 'A' rocker arm actuator 2 Repairing the wiring harness or connector to the actuator 3 Changing the oil and filter to the correct viscosity oil 4 Flush the engine passages of sludge from lack of oil changes

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