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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of word outreach?

The act or process of reaching out. 2. Extent or length of reach: the vast outreach of technology; the outreach of a forest fire from mountains to suburbs. 3. A systematic attempt to provide services beyond conventional limits, as to particular segments of a community: an educational outreach to illiterate adults.

Is outreach a verb?

outreach (third-person singular simple present outreaches, present participle outreaching, simple past and past participle outreached) (transitive) To reach further than. (transitive) To surpass or exceed. (intransitive) To go too far. To provide charitable or religious services to people who would otherwise not have access to those services.

What is the opposite of outreach?

Outreach is in many ways the opposite of engagement. Outreach* is about designing strategies that reach people wholly unknown to you and connect them with your institution. Advertising is all about outreach, as is the community manager proactively responding to Google Alerts and mingling in discussions on external blogs.

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