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Frequently Asked Questions

How can outreach smartphone monitoring help reduce my client's sentence?

Using Outreach Smartphone Monitoring as a tool to ensure that no alcohol would be consumed for at least a year as a condition of receiving no jail time, the judge agreed to a sentence that allowed my client to walk out of court that night.

How does outreach work?

Outreach not only monitors client locations and blood alcohol content via smartphones, but interacts and engages individuals throughout the monitoring process. Outreach is more than just a tool to show compliance.

How many check-ins does outreach monitor?

Outreach provides live 24/7/365 monitoring of all check-ins generated from our electronic monitoring devices. In the last 12 months, Outreach's monitoring Center has reviewed more than 2 million check-ins totaling nearly 1 million minutes of check-in data.

What is the phone number for outreach?

Call now 1-888-644-7808. At Outreach we know that your client data is important to you and highly sensitive to the case. Which is why we utilize industry leading technology with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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