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Frequently Asked Questions

Are outlet malls worth it?

And if you are into brands — whether it’s a midrange one, like Gap or Banana Republic, or the higher-end houses, like Coach and Burberry — outlet malls seem like great places to splurge at a fraction of the cost. But are you really getting an awesome deal at outlets? Unfortunately, the answer is usually no.

What is the largest outlet mall in California?

South Coast Plaza. Located in Costa Mesa, South Coast Plaza is known as the largest shopping mall in California. It is home to 250 retailers and is an upscale luxury mall which says a lot when you stop to realize, that before the site was South Coast Plaza, it was a lima bean field.

Is there mall in Palm Springs CA?

Palm Springs Mall – Palm Springs, CA. There are plenty of malls in the United States, however, there are also a lot of malls that are really dead and serve no purpose other than a reminiscence of what used to be a prosperous mall.

Where is the outlet mall in California?

The Outlets At San Clemente offers factory stores and retail stores. Built in Spanish architecture style with archways that will offer ocean and hillside views. No other outlet mall in California is located in a more spectacular location. Outlets At San Clemente 101 W Avenida Vista Hermosa San Clemente, CA 92672.

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