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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Nordstrom in San Francisco?

Winner of the 2015 Open Table Diner Choice, Bazille - Nordstrom San Francisco Centre is located in the heart of Downtown San Francisco, inside Nordstrom at the Westfield Mall. The restaurant sits on the 7th floor, overlooking the city with breathtaking views of the shopping district.

How far is San Marcos outlet from San Antonio?

Distance between San Marcos and San Antonio is 74 kilometers (46 miles). Driving distance from San Marcos to San Antonio is 80 kilometers (50 miles).

Where is Ross in San Francisco?

Ross Alley. Ross Alley is a north–south alley in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Ross Alley lies between and is parallel to Stockton and Grant, running one city block between Jackson and Washington.

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