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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy an electrical receptacle box extender?

Lending additional support to the components of a wall box, electrical receptacle box extenders can be very useful extention devices. Buy yours from ReceptXtenders now! ReceptXtenders electrical receptacle box extenders are specially designed to work with both PVC and metal receptacle boxes.

How do you install an extended outlet outside the wall?

As long as you are satisfied with having an extended outlet outside of the wall, this is an easy method to install one. Your other option is to tear into the wall and extend the outlet through the studs to create another in-wall outlet.

What is an electrical outlet extension and how does it work?

An electrical outlet extension is a nifty little gadget that will solve many electrical problems in your home. It will allow you to use electrical outlets in other rooms of your house or even give you an outlet to charge your phone, making it more convenient than ever.

How do you hook up an extension wire to a wall?

Attach the faceplate to the new wire box; then, using tacks or large staples, fasten the extension wire to the wall or baseboard, making sure it cannot be easily tugged free. Return the circuit breaker for the outlet or room to the ON position and test the extended outlet to make sure it works properly.

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