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Frequently Asked Questions

What color switch covers go with red plates?

Black Switch Covers: Entryways with black and which checkered floors, black and white tiled kitchens and racing-themed garages will all look complete with white switches and black covers. Red Cover Plates: White outlets also look great with red cover plates in rooms that feature red decor such as garages, kitchens and laundry rooms.

What is the best color for an outlet cover plate?

Amazon's Choice Customers shopped Amazon's Choice for… . . . . . . . If you are looking to cover hazard-prone electrical outlets in your home to safeguard your pets and children, a wall outlet cover plate is an excellent option. Our favorite color is white for a wall outlet cover since it blends in or compliments most interiors.

Why are switch plates and outlet covers important?

It’s the switch plates and outlet covers that tend to receive the most personal contact while in a space, whether you notice them or not. Every time you walk in or out of a room or need to plug something in, your hand and eyes are drawn closer to these wall plates than many other features in the room.

What kind of switch plate do you use for electrical boxes?

Upgrade your basic switch plate for the classic Plain Single Outlet Cover. Made from solid wrought iron, this cover is simple and sophisticated. Display it in a modern-style home for a cohesive feel. Read More Amerelle wall plates do more than just cover electrical boxes.

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