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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the style of clothing in the 70s?

The clothing styles of the 60s and 70s were an eclectic mix of natural and simple materials with unusual color and shape combinations. Hippie symbols of flower power, peace signs and smiley faces were everywhere and proudly displayed on the clothing at the time. Leisure suits were made from polyester and undergarments were optional.

What to wear to a 70s party?

If you want to embellish your 70s hippie costume, then wear a pair of peace symbol earrings and a matching peace symbol necklace. Beads were also popular in the 1970s, so wearing a beaded choker is something else to consider. You could also tie a colorful scarf around your neck to enhance your 70s inspired costume.

What clothes did they wear in 1970?

25 Things Cool People Wore in the 1970s Tube tops. The feminists who did away with their bras in the 1960s didn't need them by the time the '70s rolled around, thanks to the tube top. Fringed leather. While punks wore black leather jackets in the '70s, everyone else with an eye for fashion was wearing brown fringe. Micro-mini skirts. ... Tie-dye. ... Mood rings. ... Clogs. ... Leisure suits. ... Maxi dresses. ... More items...

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